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We recognize that painting is a major decision and expense for most people.  It can be either money well spent, or it is money thrown away.  Our goal is to offer you, the customer, the greatest value for your money.

We recognize that we would not be in business if it were not for our customers.  We feel that you are not here for us, that we are here for you, and it is our obligation to provide you with the best possible service, value and quality, in appreciation of you placing your trust in us.

Here are some of our
clean, professional and courteous craftsmen "at work" providing the best services for our customers.  We strive to cause as little disruption as possible while we provide you with the best possible paint job.  Also, please see examples of the various types of work we do - both residential and commercialContact us now for a quote to do your painting project.

Painting of Seven Sisters ceiling at Black Oak Casino.
Preparing to apply primer and anti-graffiti coating to the ceiling at Seven Sisters Restaurant
at the Black Oak Casino.
Zelinsky Painting crews are experts at refinishing new and existing cabinets.
Preparation is the key to a quality paint job.
S.K. Zelinsky Painting places the utmost importance on properly preparing your project before applying high quality finishes.
Careful attention to detail is critical.


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